New Season, New Start


New Season, New Start


A new season is the perfect time to start fresh. Whether that means finally striking a healthy eating balance or asking your boss about that well-deserved promotion, use fall as a chance to hit ‘reset. And that includes your lingerie drawer.


First things first: Take stock of what you already have and ditch anything that’s worn out. That means stretched elastic, poking wires or torn fabric. Next, you’ll want to take our signature Fit Quiz will have the answer to your unique shape, plus your Top 3 Bras (they’re just waiting to make your boobs happy).


Now for the fun part: Shopping. Are you one of our BBBs that needs a bra to keep up with you at the office all day? Our seamless Uniform Bralette Bra, with light as air shaping, may just be your new breast friend.


Let our Fit Quiz help you kick off the new season on a high note.  


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