Time for a New Breast Friend (When to Replace Your Bra)

There are some things that we can’t imagine getting rid of --  the ticket stubs from your first date, the blanket you brought her home in, the trophy from your team’s championship win. But that old bra? Girl, it’s gotta go. Statistics prove a majority of women don’t get rid of their bras until they’re well past their expiration date. And we know all too well that a worn out bra no longer provides the shape, and more importantly the support, that it should.

So perhaps it’s time to stock of your lingerie drawer, inspect each bra for the following signs of wear and tear and toss accordingly. Let’s start with the obvious. Are there stains, tears or holes? Do the cups, padding or lining show signs of losing their shape? Are the hooks bent or twisted to the point that they aren’t functioning or are poking into you? If you answered yes to any of these, it’s time to go.

Now try the bra on and test for fit. Are the straps adjusted as tight as possible, but still slipping off your shoulders?  Is the band on the tightest hook and still riding up in the back or feeling loose? A majority of a bra’s support comes from the band, so if this is stretched out you aren’t getting the support that you need. And lastly, has your shape changed since you bought this bra? Fluctuations such as weight gain or loss and pregnancy can mean that a bra you once loved may no longer be the right fit for you. If your answers were yes, yes and more yes… you know what to do. Toss your worn out stock and treat yourself to a new breast friend. Start by taking our Fit Quiz so we can help you find your Top 3 Bras. Then, check out our  tips on caring for lingerie to extend the life of your new favorites.

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