The Ugliest Bra You Must Try On

Beauty’s only skin deep, right? That’s what we told ourselves when we saw the first iteration of the True Body bra. “It’s kind of ugly,” we said to each other, laughing a little nervously. Because we’d envisioned this collection to be the kinds of bras that hugged your curves but didn’t suffocate. That was all about showing off your natural shape, while being so soft and comfortable, that you’d want to leave it on forever. That felt like being naked, but better. True Body does all of that, and more. But let’s be honest…  

This Bra Looks “Meh” On The Hanger It looks two-dimensional. Like there’s not a lot going on. And frankly, it’s part of True Body’s appeal. These are bras with no seams, no wires, and no bulky stitching. There are no frilly details, no padding or cups. That doesn’t mean there’s no attention to detail. The buttery-soft fabric is breathable and smoothing. The stitching provides subtle support, while the silhouette smooths and shapes you. Still, these aren’t details that make for a knockout, love-at-first-glance impression. At least not on the hanger.  

But Everything Changes When You Try It On Suddenly… BAM. This bra looks amazing. It shows off your gorgeous natural curves and the lines of your body just so. It’s kind of magical. All of our design goals hold true, but the thing is, you make this bra looks good. So much so that we’re inspired to style True Body to show it off -- as a layering piece under tank tops and and plunging necklines, or even on its own as a crop top. So whatever proverb you prefer -- skin-deep beauty, misleading first impressions, books and their covers -- True Body is here to stand as proof positive. Or at least to prove that it’s not about the bra, it’s about the girl wearing it.    

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