More Undies, Fewer Laundry Days

It’s true: you really can’t have too much underwear. Here at True&Co., we’ve found ourselves stocking up on new colors and styles on the regular (and with our 3 for $33 or 3 for $24 mix-and-match situation, there’s never a reason not to). We love refreshing our underwear drawer and trying different combinations with our favorite bras. Better yet? When you have a drawer full of cute undies, you can put off laundry day just a little bit longer. Here are our top three tips for peak underwear drawer satisfaction.

3 Undies for Every Bra. We call it “The Magic Ratio:” the perfect number of undies to have for each one of your bras. You might not be washing your bra after each wear (truth: who does?), but undies are a different story.

Mix And Match (And Mix It Up!). We love a classic, matchy-matchy bra and underwear look. But we really love mixing and matching colors, styles, and even patterns. Take our Gramercy Balconette. In classic black lace, it’s a no-brainer winner with a matching black Best Lace Thong. But it looks just as fierce (or maybe even more so!) with a fiery red Lace Brazilian, or a sweet blush Argyle Mesh Hipster.

A Style For Every Occasion. The best underwear drawers are the most diverse ones — you can never have too many pairs to go with different outfits. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorites. Want a thong for every occasion? Go for a nice mix of lace, cotton, and buttery-soft True Body. Feeling the undie inspiration? Give your underwear drawer a boost here.

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