Hey there, MILF (Mom I’d Love to Fit)

MILF - Mom I'd Love to Fit
Take time for yourself.

Get the fit you deserve.

MILF - Mom I'd Love to Fit

You’re a professional life coach, a master chef, an expert stylist — and that’s just scratching the surface.

Between providing personal counsel and preparing a full-course meal, it’s easy for your personal TLC to fall, ahem, flat.

Take back the time you’ve earned this Mother’s Day to treat yourself. Be a MILF (Mom I’d Love to Fit) and get the natural lift you and your girls deserve.

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“I love the simplicity and slowness of life that motherhood brings. The stopping to watch a bug navigate a crack in the sidewalk…the afternoon nap with a chubby baby in a sun-filled room…these are the magical bits of life I would have missed had I not become a mom.”

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“I love the things I learn from my daughter and seeing the world through her eyes. It really makes me step back and appreciate more of the simple things in life.”

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“There are so many things! Watching your child grow and develop into a little person in front of your eyes is full of awesome….The little things are my favorite: the artwork, seeing her learn things…a tiny hand on my leg while we watch a movie. Motherhood is awesome.”

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“I absolutely love all of those ‘little moments.’ It’s when I’m sick and my little C. brings me his toy monster truck to help me feel better or when he says "I love mama" out of the blue. Those are the moments I cherish. Not to mention, I love teaching him new things every day.”

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“I love the friendship I've developed with my daughter. Although she’s only five, she is truly one of my best friends. I love that she pushes me to try new things and that she helps me to slow down and take in the important things.”

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“Before I gave birth, I thought I knew how it felt to really, truly love another person. But now that I am a mother, the love I have for my son is a feeling like no other. It’s a love on a WHOLE new level - profound, deep, overwhelming and emotional in the most amazing ways.”

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