Men’s Underwear, Now At True&Co.

After 5 years of being a destination for badass babes to find bras and undies that help them take on the world, we’ve decided to let the guys in our lives join in on the fun. That’s why you’ll now find Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear at True&Co., in cuts and fabrics that your guy will love (and you might, too!).

Whether you want your guy to up his game (hint, hint) or you’re looking to get holiday gift ready,  you’ll want to start at our all new Men’s Quiz. Sure, he thinks he has an opinion on boxers versus briefs. But maybe the fit is all wrong or he has no idea about the benefits of different fabrics. Just like any good relationship, there’s always room for improvement here.

Once he knows his top styles, time to upgrade his underwear drawer. Just in time for holiday gifting, why not treat him to a week’s worth of his favorites? Or encourage him to stock up with our handy 3-packs. Chances are, he hates laundry day as much as you do. The

Now, go on and tell him he’s got a cute booty.

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