We're Obsessed: Mayan Toledano

Bathed in the soft heat of pale pink light, a young  woman with doll-like features, light blonde hair, parted lips, and blue eyes gazes longingly at the camera. She wears a strappy, army green bralette which hides her barely there breasts while exposing two wild clumps of hair under her lifted arms. A play of delicate and tough in conjunction, a youthful call to anyone peering in that she’s no marionette.   

These are the languid beauties that inhabit Mayan Toledano’s world, seemingly stuck in a loop and lost in a suburban daydream. But don’t let hazy pastel tones and sweetly sexualized Lolita’s fool you-they are lackadaisical but not brokenhearted. A cropped image of a young girl’s back shows her in a pair of high waisted, baby blue panties, the small mounds of her spine of her spine arching upwards. Embroidered on her panties with a delicate pink, “Remember when I missed you.”

Check out Toledano's tumblr to see more.

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