Lingerie Horoscope: Taurus

We follow Zodiac signs for everything from love matches to life choices, so it only makes sense that your astrological alignment can lend insight to your shopping habits too. As we enter Taurus season (April 20 - May 20) we thought we’d share the first of our horoscope ‘how to’ guides for lingerie.  

Taurus’ are largely known for being reliable and practical. While sometimes slightly stubborn (okay, often very stubborn) and found to be uncomfortable with change, the Taurus determines a path and sticks to it. When it comes to your lingerie wardrobe, that means plenty of hardworking bras in neutrals that will go with everything and provide lasting support from day to night.

Our True Body Scoop Neck Bra and True Body Thong Panty are as dependable and loyal as any Taurus. If it isn’t broke, why fix it right? But before you go labeling the steadfast Taurus as boring - remember that aside from their stable side, they are also known to have a love of aesthetics. From cooking delicious meals to listening or playing to music to romantic touch - the Taurus loves indulging all of their senses and surrounding themselves with beauty. Give in to this aesthetic side with our Gramercy Balconette in a spicy Persimmon hue or a tranquil Malibu Blue.

Pair with our Lace Brazilian panty, that features scalloped seams and a peek-a-boo back that the detail-oriented Taurus is sure to appreciate. Happy shopping Taurus friends! And check back next month to see what’s in store for the Gemini in you.

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