Lingerie Horoscope: Scorpio Season

We follow Zodiac signs for everything from love matches to life choices, so it makes sense that your astrological alignment can lend insight into your shopping habits, too. As we enter Scorpio season (October 23 - November 21), we’re back with another edition of our horoscope ‘how to’ guides for lingerie.

The Scorpio is known for being strong-willed, deeply intuitive and more than a little mysterious. Comfortable in the limelight, they’ve got an effortless charm that just seems to draw people in. Play up that magnetic quality in lingerie that feels as spell-binding as you are.

Our strappy Entwined Set, with sexy fishnet details and buttery soft touch, should do the trick. But beware… those charming Scorpios can sting, too. Notoriously jealous and prone to a domineering nature, these ones likes to get their way.

Why not relax a little and show off your softer side in our True Everyday Bralette? Light as air, plus flattering and supportive without the wires - it may even convince a go-getter Scorpio to slow down for a minute or two.

Happy shopping, Scorpio friends! And check back next month to see what’s in store for the Sagittarius in your life.

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