Lingerie Horoscope: Gemini

We follow Zodiac signs for everything from love matches to life choices, so it makes sense that your astrological alignment can lend insight into your shopping habits too. Turns out our stars aligned with the writers at Good Housekeeping who agree that TrueandCo. is a perfect match for last month’s Taurus girls. Now, as we enter Gemini season (May 21 - June 22), we’re back with another edition of our horoscope ‘how to’ guides for lingerie.

 Gemini are known for being witty, dreaming big and keeping an open-mind. Their curiosity leads them to try new things and approach problems in creative ways. When it comes to lingerie shopping that translates to picking unexpected combinations and being the first to jump on emerging trends. Try our show-stopping Crochet Lace Bodysuit or mix pastels with our Bryant Bralette and Lace Brazilian Panty in Desert Flower. Pick a pairing that’s as open to possibility as any Gemini.  

Of course, the twin sign has a second side to them that can mean a quick change of heart or shifting mood at a moment’s notice. Keep you lingerie drawer stocked to satisfy either side of the Gemini split personality - whether sexy and fun like our Seaside Longline or practical and neutral like our Uniform T-shirt bra. You’ll be covered no matter where your curious mind wanders that day or night.

 Happy shopping Gemini friends! And check back next month to see what’s in store for the Cancer’s in your life.

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