Sexy Date Night Combo: Lingerie & Dessert

What could be better than lace and chocolate?  Nothing… except for maybe ice cream and a negligee, or cake and a bodysuit. This summer, schedule a date night in with your favorite selection of sweets and equally delicious lingerie that feels a little naughty and a lot fabulous all at the same time. We’ve cooked up a few mouth-watering recipes for dessert and lingerie combinations to get your creative juices flowing.  

Strawberry Mousse with Whipped Cream — Seaside Longline Balconette Light, creamy, and oh so dreamy; a silky-soft strawberry whipped mousse is just as luxurious as our buttery smooth Seaside Unlined Longline balconette bra in strawberry-cream-blush. The swirling lace reminds us of the swirls of the feather-light mousse in this dessert, which make the duo perfect for a sunset summer date night.  

Triple Layer Chocolate Cake with Caramel—Stripe and Lace Bodysuit There aren’t many things as mouthwatering as a decadent chocolate caramel cake. Just thinking about it makes us want to curl up on the couch with the lights turned down and a glass of wine. Pair this decadent treat with with our Stripe and Lace Bodysuit — it’s a perfect  match to striped layers and dark, dreamy mood.  

Melon Lemonade Slushies – Vanessa Non Pad Demi Cooling and refreshing, icy slushies are the perfect summer treats—and easy to make at home. Pick up some fresh fruit from the market, put em’ in the freezer for a few hours, and then blend it up. Viola! Pair a melon and lemonade slushie with our Vanessa Non Pad Demi for effortless sexiness in the vibrant colors of summer.  

Lavender Earl Grey Pot de Crème—Moon Mist Bralette Moonlight, floral scents, and dreamy mists — it’s like something out of of a Midsummer Night’s Dream. Gather your magic dust and wrap yourself up in the super soft fabric of our Moon Mist Bralette and tantalize the senses with a lavender earl grey pot de crème.  

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries—Gramercy Balconette Sometimes, there’s nothing better than keeping it classic and simple. You can never go wrong with the delicious combination of chocolate and fresh strawberries, especially when gently feeding each other bites in bed. Choose the Gramercy Balconette in persimmon for an equally elegant and romantic lingerie ensemble. Licking frosted fingers while whipping up dessert in the kitchen with your partner sounds like a perfect date night in to us, but if you’d rather keep the mess out of the equation, check out these big-city bakeries and dessert spots that deliver that small-town feel:

Have a favorite dessert spot or recipe that's not on our list yet?  Share it with us and we'll respond with the bra to go with it! Find us @trueandco_us on Twitter and @trueandco on Instagram.

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