Lingerie: All About You

Lingerie - it should always be all about you, a belief that is at the core of the brand here at True&Co.  So we we were so thrilled to be included in Nylon and their round up of Body Positive Bra brands.   

We think of it as a 21st century bra-volution. These days, the best lingerie — the lingerie that we want to wear  — is all about making us feel amazing, rather than “dressing to impress” someone else.  

Or, to put it differently: the best bras out there celebrate all kinds of bodies, from the way they’re designed to the models that show them off in ad campaigns. The best bras should make you feel like you are freaking beautiful the way you are, not that you should look like, oh, an angel or something (not that we’re thinking of any specific lingerie trope here…).  

So, we’re pleased and delighted to be included in this fantastic piece from Jenna Igneri at Nylon about body positive lingerie brands. Our goal is to make bras and lingerie that make you feel amazing. And when it comes to underthings, shouldn’t it always be all about you? We say show yourself some love, and treat yourself to some sweet new bras (or panties, or bodysuits, or loungewear) that makes you feel like the beautiful babe you are. Check out the article here.

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