#LikeABoss: Big Girls Do Cry

Our CEO Michelle On Lam On Crying At Work.   Here’s the thing about following your dreams and trying to change the world, one bra at a time — it’s hard work, with no shortage of ups and downs. At True and Co., we care about what we’re doing, whether it’s designing lingerie or bolstering women leaders everywhere. And when you care, it’s inevitable that your emotions get awfully wrapped up in your work.  

Our CEO Michelle Lam knows that feeling well, having gone all out in pursuing her dream to change the way women shop for bras. She’s shed a tear or two along the way and has learned that crying at work, which we all dread, is not always a bad thing. Here, she shares with Fast Company the right and wrong ways to give into the waterworks, and how to use your passion productively.  

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