Like Being Naked, But Better

Meet True Body, The Bra You’ll Never Want To Take Off.

The bra that Refinery29 ‘may consider the best bra, ever’ in their epic review of this epic essential. What’s the first thing you do when you get home after a long day? Right, yes, open a bottle of wine. But right after that, we’re guessing you take off your bra. At least, that’s what we do. It doesn’t matter how well that bra fits —  baby’s got to come off, and fast. This routine got us thinking. Could we make a bra that was so unbelievably comfortable that you’d want to, well, leave it on forever? That was silky and smooth and hugged your curves, rather than suffocating them?  

In short: we could. And we did. Meet True Body, the debut line of our new True Body Collection. It includes two bras (a v-neck and a scoop-neck) and two panties (a hipster and a thong). Wearing it feels like being naked, but better. It has zero seams, zero elastic, and zero bulk. It feels — we kid you not — like butter. And we never, ever want to take it off.   

Comfort is the main draw, of course (and might explain why it’s sold out faster than any bra we’ve ever made). But we wanted to create something that celebrated your natural curves — True Body shapes, but doesn’t push your breasts to be something they’re not. It smoothes, but doesn’t squeeze. It’s all about feeling natural, and looking amazing while doing so. When’s the last time your lingerie did that? That's right, this bra performs. 

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