Lingerie Horoscope: Libra Season


We follow Zodiac signs for everything from love matches to life choices, so it makes sense that your astrological alignment can lend insight into your shopping habits, too. As we enter Libra season (September 23 - October 22), we’re back with another edition of our horoscope ‘how to’ guides for lingerie.   Kind and gentle, the Libras of the world are known for being lovers, not fighters. With an eye for beauty and a strong desire to spend time with partners, satisfy that romantic side with our Stripe and Lace Bodysuit. Guaranteed to knock ‘em out.. call it an unexpected case of Libra lust.     

Often found playing peacemaker, Libras work hard to keep harmony in the relationships and situations that surround them. Because of this desire to keep the peace, they can have trouble saying no. All too often, this leads to feelings of stress or resentment. Balance this tendency by carving out time for self care this month. We suggest an at-home spa night, complete with face mask, a glass of red and our seriously comfortable True Body V-Neck Bra. Comfy enough for lounging at home, flattering and supportive enough to wear all day. There’s that perfect harmony you love.

Happy shopping Libra friends! And check back next month to see what’s in store for the Scorpio’s in your life.

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