Lauren's Top 3 Bras

A real-life Fit Quiz testimonial from one of our customers. See how Lauren went from wearing her high school bras to death to loving her boobs even more.   Bra shopping isn’t something I get excited about. Being completely confused by the hundreds bra styles while getting fondled by a stranger under bad lighting is enough to trigger my inner hermit. I’ll stick with my high school bras, thank you very much.  

But Then, I tried the Fit Quiz (Hallelujah!)

I’ve never really thought much about my bras and how they actually affected how I felt each day. My boobs aren’t very big—32B to be exact—but my bras never made me feel comfortable, or confident. True&Co.’s Fit Quiz gave me the answer I’d been looking for: “You don’t need pads, uncomfortable underwire, and bulk every day. You just need a bit of coverage and shaping, because I can tell your biggest worries are peeking nipples and pointy boobs.” Yep, nailed it. I started the quiz in front of my Mac and halfway through I was in front of my bathroom mirror analyzing the differences between my left and right boob. What can I say; I’m an overachiever! I’m now officially a member of the “rightie” club, and proud of it. The Fit Quiz gave me a reason to really think about the issues with my bras and how they can be better, for my shape and style. But it didn’t take long; there are about 15 short questions and it goes by fast.  

The Result: My Top 3 Bras

I’m sorry, boobs, that I never gave you the love and appreciation you deserve. You are unique, beautiful snowflakes! Specifically, you’re Shallow Bottom Happy, righty, and a tad fuller at the sides without much gap-age in the middle. With that in mind, here are my Top 3 Bras:

True Body V Neck – I was crossing my fingers for this one. Any reason to buy myself a True Body bra is a win. I love it under everything- t-shirts, sweaters, and  anything with wider straps. It’s smoothing and shaping under clothes for my work week, and comfortable enough to leave on when I’m relaxing at home.

 Alice Easy Fit Pullover – I absolutely love the mesh straps on the Alice. Unlike other easy fit bras, I feel like I can actually show this one off. This has become my go-to weekend bra, perfect for yoga and brunch and everything in between. 

Bare Plunge – When I do want some added support with underwires, and skinny straps to hide under tanks or dresses, the Bare Plunge is the bra I turn to. Bonus: it’s so light and comfortable, and has pretty lace and argyle mesh details. This is a perfect go-to, everyday bra, but sexy enough for date night.

What are your Top 3 Bras? Find yours by taking our Fit Quiz and share your styles with us on Instagram #trueandco #top3bras

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