In An Athleisure World

It’s an Athleisure world, and we’re just living in it. Airport attire is celebrated. Leggings are acceptable as pants. And looking like you just came from the gym, whether or not you actually did, is the par for the course.  

There are pros to this heightened level of casual that we’ve found ourselves in these past few years. Who doesn’t want to feel comfortable? It’s why we created our True Body line after all, in an attempt to embrace our natural shapes and revel in ultimate comfort for everyday. There’s a beauty in the effortless. And in today’s busy world, anywhere you can save a few minutes seems like a win. Really, who are we to judge if you pair our Solid Thick Leggings with a bomber jacket instead of a bathrobe?

But there are also cons to taking a non-stop Athleisure approach. Truth be told, sometimes we long for the days when people got dressed up. Days when there were garter belts and stockings with matching bra and panty sets under a freshly ironed dress. A time when people weren’t afraid to look like they tried a bit. photograph-of-a-model-in-trueandco-lingerie

So perhaps there’s a way to meet in the middle and put in just a little more effort while still remaining completely comfortable. Our Delano Raceback Bra for instance - practical in its shape and structure, knockout sexy with those lace and sheer insets - works under even the most casual racerback tank. And there’s nothing slouchy about how you’ll look and feel in our Made of Stars Unlined Ultimate Coverage Bra - but everything about it is easy to master. Next time you’re thinking of throwing on sweats, why not start with this best-selling option instead and build from there? Call it Athleisure.. with a little extra.

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