#Adulting While Bra Shopping

Why Buying Lingerie Like a Grown-Up Is Worth It.  

Sometimes, it’s hard being an adult. The job, the bills, the smile lines… we could go on. But we won’t, because adulting can be pretty rad, too. The wine. The shoes. Being a badass lady boss. Coming into your own (and looking awesome doing it) is something we love about the whole grown up thing.  

Michelle Lam of True and Co. That goes for bras, too. Buying bras like a grown-up means avoiding bad quality, bad fit, and pieces you feel like you “should” be wearing. Taylor Bryant of Nylon wrote this fabulous entry for the mag’s Adultify column, breaking down the hows and whys of properly shopping for a bra. She’s got some killer tips from our own fearless leader, Michelle Lam, who drops knowledge on everything from breast shape to how, done write, shopping for lingerie can be more fun than shoe shopping. Check out the article here.

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