Bra Shopping- Not The Worst Thing Ever, Anymore

Finding Bras That Fit Without The Terrible Dressing Room Experience.   

We’re not kidding around when we talk about remaking the bra shopping. Because any woman who’s done the dressing room/measuring tape thing knows that it’s, without doubt, the freaking worst. And, as Chavie Lieber from Racked so artfully puts it, in addition to the sheer awkward factor (hi, strange woman feeling you up), you often come away with from it all with bras that are too expensive, poor quality, or plain don’t fit.  

So, we really get her relief at finding an online fit experience (our Fit Quiz, to be specific) that takes away the painful part of bra shopping, and delivers bras that look and feel good (her faves: Made of Stars, Gramercy, and Uniform Demi). Check out her whole lingerie shopping experience here (and if you’re so inclined, have a go at our Fit Quiz, too).  

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