How We Make Better Bras

We’re not down with false claims here at True&Co. “The best bra...ever!!!!!!” that falls apart after a few washes. “This bra FITS like a DREAM!” that only fits women of a certain shape and size.”This bra will change your life!!!!” Uh, okay. So when we say, “we make better bras,” you better believe we freaking mean it. And in the interest of putting our money where our mouths are (or our boobs where our bras are?), we’re pulling back the curtain to share with you how we, well, do the damn thing.  

We Have More Data Than Anyone About bras, that is. Our Fit Quiz, in addition to helping you find your Top 3 Bras, helps us hone in on how bras fit you, and what we can do to help them fit better. Specifically, we have more data about breast shape than other bra manufacturers. You know how you’ll sometimes buy a bra in your supposed size (band and cup) to find that it just… doesn’t work? That’s because historically, bra manufacturers aren’t taking the actual shape of your breast into account. Seems like a good idea, doesn’t it? We have data from 6 million+ women about the ways that their bras fit — what they love, what they hate, and what has worked for them in the past.  

We Use That Data To Make Better Bras The people traditionally selling you your bras (department stores, for example) are often buying bras through a wholesaler. There’s no connection between them (the maker) and you (the bra-buyer). When you tell us how something fits — through our quiz, and through direct feedback — you’re communicating directly with the crew that’s designing and making your bras.  

We Listen… A Lot Speaking of feedback, we really, really care what you think. So much so that the vast majority of our bestselling products — including Made of Stars, Gramercy, and Bare Plunge — were inspired directly by requests and comments from our customers, a.k.a. the True Fam. Take our True Body collection. Women were telling us that they wanted bras that were comfortable; that smoothed and shaped them without making them feel suffocated; that hugged their curves but didn’t cause pain after a full day. True Body — buttery soft, wirefree, and totally smooth under clothes — was our answer.  

And We’re Just Getting Started That’s the beautiful thing about this True Fam feedback loop — we’re always getting better. We’re also getting ideas and inspiration from you. And the more data we get — the more women who join the Fam, the more quiz takers who find their Top 3 Bras — the better our bras get.  

Have you joined the True Fam? Take our Fit Quiz here, and share your bra story with us on Instagram #trueandco

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