How To Make Your Bedroom Cozy

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the bedroom might be the backbone. It provides strength and stability as you start and end your day there.  Creating a comfortable, cozy bedroom that reflects your personal style can provide sanctuary and respite.  Start by decluttering, organizing and decorating to maximize usefulness and enjoyment.   


Get Rid of Clutter

The bedroom holds many of our most personal and private items, but it can also become a catch all for clutter (here’s looking at you, piles on the dresser and clothes over the chair).  Prioritize and purge, then ensure everything that’s staying belongs in the bedroom. 


Have a place to put everything away

Most importantly, remember the old school, but so true, adage, “a place for everything and everything in its place.”  Utilize drawers for items like bras and underwear and closets for clothes and shoes, organizing each for maximum efficiency.


Organize Your Spaces

Once you’ve prioritized and purged, it’s time to organize by following a few simple tips:


How to Organize Drawers

Whether your drawers are in a dresser or built into the closet (or even makeshift style under the bed boxes), keeping their contents organized will help you quickly find your go-to’s.  It also simplifies putting the laundry away, ensuring your space stays clutter free.


How to store bras

Bras are delicate, and retaining their shape is essential to maximize lifespan.  Your best bet is to stack and/or separate with a drawer divider, which you can purchase or DIY.  For more tips on bra storage for home and away, check out our full run down on how to store bras.


How to fold underwear

When it comes to the other half of your unmentionables, maximizing your underwear storage varies by type (panties vs thongs vs briefs) and personal preference (a simple roll, a compact square or a tight bundle).  Choose your favorite technique from our step by step guide on how to fold underwear.


How to Organize Closet

Next up, the closet.  Of course, we’d all love a spacious walk-in, but even the tiniest amount of hanging space benefits from a bit of organization.  The approaches here are endless, and truly personal.  Thinking about how you get dressed, determine whether a color coded system which is visually appealing would function as well as a grouping based on garment type (t-shirts, tanks, long sleeve shirts/button downs, pants, skirts, dresses, etc).  If closet space is limited, either in the bedroom and/or throughout the house, get creative with under bed/stairs storage options especially to rotate seasonal pieces and shoes.  



Phew, with the cleaning and organizing complete, you’re ready to make your space truly distinct through decoration.  Use your senses to guide choices for color, texture, lighting and other elements that promote feelings of comfort and joy.

Light or neutral colors

White is classic, especially for bedding, but light colors like heathered gray, oatmeal and even muted pinks, greens or blues can create serenity and help open up even small spaces.  Choosing your favorite neutral as the background allows for accents in bolder colors that can be swapped out more easily than a complete overhaul.  

Comfy fabric textures

Natural fabrics including linen, suede and velvet can be used across many elements of cozy bedroom design, from bedding to wallcoverings.  Piles of comfy pillows add to the inviting feel and airy drapes used in unexpected places such as to canopy a bed or flank a bookcase lend welcoming lightness.  

Soft Lighting

A dimmer is a great start, but also consider floor and tabletop lighting to minimize the need for overhead light.  Especially when reading or relaxing in bed or a cozy chair, these softer sources help you create a calmer atmosphere, perfect for winding down.   


Surround Yourself With Happy Memories

Accents are key to truly making your bedroom your own.  From framed photos to small mementos of trips or events, these little touches can make a big impact.  The feelings these items recall set your mind at ease and connect you with your space, big or small.


Make Your Bedroom Useful

Last but not least, beautiful can be useful too.  If your bedroom serves multiple purposes, create dedicated space to each, and establish places for items you use regularly. 

Place everyday items in easy to reach places

Keys, wallet, phone.  To ensure you don’t leave home without any of them, nor spend time looking for them when it’s time to go, use a desk/dresser/nightstand tray to establish a routine of putting these essentials together.   


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