How to Become Obsessed With Your Boobs

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it a thousand times more: it is our number one goal to make boobs happy. Yours, ours, everyone’s. And the first step to a pair of truly happy boobs is to wear bras that actually fit your unique, beautiful body. So we were honored and inspired to be a part of the fabulous Sarah Jenks’s journey to learn to love, no, become obsessed  with her boobs.

As she puts it: “I could never find a bra that fit me. Often the band was too tight, or the cups size too big. I found lace itchy and padding unnatural…. I was sending a message to my breasts that they don’t matter, they are ugly, they deserve to be uncomfortable.” Then, she tried True&Co. “I put on a few options and felt instantly more in love with my breasts because comfort is the first step to love.

We know this about relationships with other people, and it is the same when building a positive relationship with our body.” Preach, babe! We love Sarah’s words as much as we love her spirit. Read more about Sarah’s boob-love journey at and get fitted to fall in love with your boobs and find your Top 3 Bras here.

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