How to Kick a Winter Rut

The holidays are over, snow has become more hassle than novelty, and spring still seems a long way off. If you’re feeling stuck in a winter rut, you’re not alone. Luckily, we’ve got a few ideas for how to kick those winter blues. Re-read those resolutions. As we head into March, there’s a good chance some of your New Year’s gusto has lost steam. Remind yourself of your goals and make a plan to re-commit to them. Hint: our True Body Longline Bralette couldn’t be cuter for showing off in that yoga class you’ve been meaning to try Treat yourself to ‘just because’ lingerie. Sure, Valentine’s Day may have passed, but that will make our seriously sexy Strappy Crop Top and Bikini set seem all the more more unexpected and fun. Carve out time for self care. Maybe you can devote an entire Saturday to relaxation or maybe you can only steal away for 15 minutes each weeknight. Whatever it is, be sure that you’re allowing yourself time to rest and recharge. Slip into our super soft, wonderfully luxe True Weekend Racerback, light your favorite candle, and throw on a face mask. Ahhh. Before you know it, spring will have sprung.

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