How To Build a Lingerie Wardrobe

Tips From Our Art Director Nikki On Must-Have Bras and Beyond.  

You can never have too many bras. Alright, that’s kind of true… you might have too many bras when they no longer fit in your lingerie drawer. You could get a lingerie closet (into it), or you can prioritize the bras and panties that you love most, wear the most, and feel best in. True and Co. lead designer Nikki has an even better way of figuring out the bras and beyond that you need: by breaking your lingerie wardrobe into three categories. Here’s how she does it, plus the bras she’s loving most right now.  

Own The Week These are your go-to bras. They smooth and shape; look good under t-shirts and button downs; and, yeah, make you feel like a Lady Boss. These are bras and panties that help you get the damn thing done. And if you need some flair to brighten up your week, be like the Zoe Report and layer in some color

Weekend Wear Super soft pullover bras (that you can wear to yoga, or lounging around the house); cute joggers and PJs; plus barely there bras and panties that feel like being naked, but better. Nikki is all about bras that are cute enough to wear out, but so comfortable you may not want to. 

Your Kind of Sexy We dig special occasion lingerie… especially when you’re celebrating yourself (brush those shoulders off!). Our boudoir lingerie is all about celebrating your style, from bohemian bodysuits to classic corsets.  

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