Hate Your Bra? We Have A Solution.

 True Body, True&Co's first seamless bra that smooths and supports with no digging, pinching, chaffing, rubbing, itching or poking. 

“This, is the most comfortable bra ever.  I have despised bras my entire life, never finding one that was remotely comfortable. I have tried the cheapest to very expensive and still couldn't wait to rip them off the moment I got home. Well, after 30 years of wearing a bra I have finally found the True&Co. one I love!! I even wear it to bed sometimes. That's unheard of…" - Christina 

"A life changing thing to add to your closet. It works as a bra, it works as a cropped tank to layer under sheer tops or dresses, it’s basically perfect in every way....let’s be honest: your boobs and shoulders deserve this braThere have been mornings I stepped out of my apartment, and thought, “huh, did I not put on a bra today?”

So ladies, if you hate bras-give this practically invisible one a try.To complete the True Body look, pair it with our True Body hipster panty or thong .

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