What Makes Our Boobs Happy: Staff Picks

 There’s a question we ask ourselves on the regular here at True&Co.: are my boobs happy? After all, we’re dedicating our hearts and souls to making your boobs happy; how good could we be if our own boobs weren’t loving life? Here are some of the things that make our boobs happy — from cute bras to summer sunshine.  

Topless swimming! Nothing better. —Nikki   Bras with lace or mesh that make them stand out from a plain old boring bra make my boobs happy. I wear a lot of dark clothes, black, deep tones... but love wearing bright colors underneath.  

Cobalt blue True Body V Neck is my fave to wear under sheer black tops (I can't wait for the new colors to come out!). —Rhianna   Light Support!  My DDs hate being strapped down like a mattress on top of a car on the highway. They appreciate a little lift and some breathable fabric that helps keep them comfortable from desk to dinner.  —Abby  

Lovin’ ;) ;)  —Lauren  

My boobs love summer! After hiding under sweaters and scarves for most of the year, my boobs love a little bit of sunshine in the summer months – whether they're in a bathing suit top at the beach or in Uniform Bralette with a cute summer outfit, these vanilla cupcakes are best with a little extra heat. —Amy    

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