“Hacking” The Bra Shopping Experience

“Breasts Are Like Snowflakes,” And More Wisdom From Lee Stabert at Today.  

That moment when you realize you’ve been wearing the wrong bra size (for years!) is a big one. No wonder no bra looked the way you wanted it to, or felt good, or felt worth the price. Likely, this revelation is accompanied by discomfort — you’re probably in an awfully lit dressing room, where, as Lee Stabert at Today brilliantly puts it, you’re shifting “uncomfortably as an elderly lingerie maven wound a tape measure around my chest.”

Whether you’re rediscovering your size via that handsy lady in a department store or comfortably at home using our Fit Quiz, finding the right size is huge, but just the first step — finding the right styles and brands that work for your shape is the real game changer here. Read more about Lee’s learnings on breasts and bra shopping (snowflakes and all) here, including how True has hacked the bra shopping experience (and done away with the awkward factor).

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