GRLSWIRL Meets True&Co.’s World

We’re always inspired by the millions of women in our community and one in particular, Tobi, opened our eyes to another community of women shaking things up.

Tobi is a photo assistant we met on the set of one of our photoshoots a couple of years back and have been working with ever since. Soon after meeting her, we learned that she and a few other women co-founded GRLSWIRL, an all-female skateboarding group based in Venice, CA.

GRLSWIRL is a community of girls and women who share a love for skateboarding. With skateboarders at all learning levels, GRLSWIRL became breeding ground for a (much-needed) support system of women in a male-dominated sport. They provide comfort, encouragement, and empowerment in what would otherwise be an alienating environment.

We wanted to partner with them and an opportunity presented itself with our upcoming photoshoot for the launch of True Weekend Cotton Stretch bralettes and underwear. 

Like the collection itself, the birth story of True Weekend Cotton Stretch cotton bralettes and cotton underwear is beautifully simple. The soft, breathable bras and underwear in this line were made to have everything women look for to feel naturally comfortable. 

Cotton is a community-favorite fabric, so we wanted to offer cotton bras and underwear that are just as luxurious and comfortable as our classic True Weekend bra styles. The sporty, comfortable look and naturally soft feel of these cotton bras and  underwear was a perfect match for this partnership!

From the moment we met the GRLSWIRL co-founders, the chemistry was palpable. Their passion for their community and skating was felt by everyone at our GRL’s day video shoot and the rest was magic.

We could go on and on about how amazing they are, but think you should see for yourself! Watch the women of GRLSWIRL in action wearing True Weekend Cotton Stretch  bras and underwear.

Want more GRLSWIRL X True&Co.? Head to our Instagram page for pics and behind-the-scenes snippets from the shoot!

GRLSWIRL, now 120 members strong celebrates their community not only in Southern California, but around the world! Learn more about women behind the community in our Q&A with the co-founders.