Go Nude, Be Bold Or Keep It Light?

@mado.s.photo in our Bryant Bralette.
As the garment that goes on before everything else, your lingerie is, quite literally, the foundation of every outfit. Many days, those are the pieces that go unseen by everyone but you (and anyone you deem lucky enough to show them off to)—quietly making you feel powerful or sexy, or both. But any time you reach for something slightly sheer, that all changes: your bra goes from supporting your look to being a part of it.
The question then becomes: how much to show off?
@mado.s.photo in our Gramercy Balconette.
Though it feels like every celeb on Instagram is embracing the underwear as outerwear mantra right now, visible lingerie isn’t anything new, of course: the trend dates back beyond Madonna, likely all the way back to the popularization of the corset. That said, we can thank Sarah Jessica Parker and Patricia Field for bringing the exposed bra to the masses. Carrie Bradshaw loved a piece of statement lingerie, and whether it was a black bra beneath a white cotton tank or lacy details emerging from beneath a strapless dress, her outfit choices helped normalize treating your lingerie like another piece of clothing. With underthings that pretty, why shouldn’t the world see them?
Fortunately, in today’s anything-goes era, it’s not longer a newsworthy statement to treat your bra like an extension of your wardrobe. The choice to highlight or downplay your bra under that sheer shirt is completely up to you and your mood that moment.
@mado.s.photo showing off our Merced Crochet T-Back Bra.
So, what do you do when your bra becomes an accessory?
Many women automatically reach for a pretty nude, choosing not to distract from their top. The focus is all about your top, with only a hint of a strap showing through. Others prefer to make a statement with black—arguably a little more alluring, a little less expected, to a very sexy effect.
Yet another option: a soft blush or pale pastel, both which offer a hint of color and interest, straddling the line between demure and bold.So, do you go nude, be bold, or keep it light? Regardless of the color, there’s no harm in making sure it’s pretty.
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