#GivingTuesday: We Support The Girls With True&Co.

At True&Co., we’re all offering about support: Supporting aspiring women leaders, supporting our female-powered team, and yes, supporting breasts of all shapes and sizes. This Giving Tuesday, we’re offering support in another way, by donating to and celebrating the efforts of I Support The Girls.

I Support The Girls is an inspiring female-founded organization that collects and donates new and used bras and new packages of menstrual products to homeless women across the U.S. and around the world. Today, we’re donating 4,000 bras to help support their efforts.   Their mission is inspiring in and of itself; the reason I Support The Girls was started is an eye-opening and essential look into the lives of homeless women and girls. In their own words:

Dignity is dignity.

Hundreds of thousands of homeless women and girls have to choose between clothes, menstrual hygiene products and their next meal. Some women on the streets wear the same bra for eight years. This means more than occasional back pain from the lack of support her stretched-out underwire offered. It also means the potential for infection from the material continuously rubbing against her skin, not to mention the daily embarrassment of a sagging, ill-fitting bra.

Every day thousands of girls and women have to choose between a meal or buying maxi pads. We strip away any last remaining shreds of dignity when we force women to clean their periods each month with unwashed rags, or a wad of rolled up toilet paper—really, whatever is around that’s free and available.  

Since starting two years ago, I Support The Girls has collected and distributed 315,000 bras and 1.1 million menstrual hygiene products. They’ve helped over 180,000 women and girls, providing support to 315 homeless shelters, domestic violence centers, refugee organizations. We are honored to be a part of this movement, and to help share their story.

Interested in learning more about I Support The Girls or how to donate? Read up on their efforts here, and learn about the donation process here.

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