Girl Geek Moment: Using Algorithms To Build Better Bras

Why Data is Essential for Smart Lingerie Design.  

We’ll say it loud and say it proud: we’re a bunch of girl geeks here at True and Co., and we’re all about celebrating brains and beauty (and boobs, but that goes without saying). Our big picture goal has always been about making bras better for women – from the bra fitting experience (later, dressing rooms and measuring tape) to designing bras that fit based on size and shape.      

We’ve come a long way, thanks to our Fit Quiz, customer feedback, and copious amounts of product testing (and retesting, and retesting again). In addition to making us smarter about bras, all of this input has allowed us to build something seriously valuable to the True and Co. mission: an enormous amount of data centered around real women, bras, and right, boobs.      

That means our OG Fit Quiz algorithm, the data play that started it all, is getting better every day. Check out this article from the New York Times to get the origin story of our data-centric lingerie business, and take our Fit Quiz for a spin here.  

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