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\At True & Co., we’ve always been reactionary. We were founded in 2012 as a reaction to what we thought was a broken system for bra-fittings, and since then we’ve been surveying millions of you and carefully taking your feedback into consideration. So when we launched our True Body line with the goal of making bras that felt like being naked (but better) we were thrilled to see your overwhelmingly positive reactions. The high praise and sold-out styles (thanks, babes!) were all the more reason to innovate even further. Our reaction? The brand new True Body Lift+ bra made specifically with our BBBs in mind (it fits up to DDD!).

Just like our classic True Body bras, it’s got the same buttery-soft comfort that lifts and hugs your natural curves. But this time, it comes with extra shaping and support to reduce bounce while still flattering your natural shape. Support for DDD without underwire? We know, we know… you’re skeptical. But we developed hollow wire channels and a thicker, more supportive Lift+ fabric that makes it happen. Even better, we put these bras to the ultimate real life test by having our DDD friends given them a serious test run (that maybe included having them run up and down stairs). Was there too much bounce? Any pain?  Did the girls feel secure? We didn’t stop developing True Body Lift+ until the answers were exactly what we wanted.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re done innovating. We can’t wait to hear what you think of True Body Lift+. Your reactions are certain to inspire us to even more bra greatness.  

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