Get Intimate: Cyndi Ramirez

Last week we got intimate with Nikita Chopra. This week we take a peek into the life of Cyndi Ramirezfounder of lifestyle site Taste the Style and a soon to be cafe/spa fusion in the Lower East Side. 

What's your dream superpower? To have endless knowledge. That and to eat everything in the world while staying healthy and fit. A girl can dream.

What advice would you give your younger self? To stay away from bad boys. Nothing good comes from it. 

What are your two favorite things in the world? Can my things be people? If so, that's easy. My husband and my pup, Rocky. I love Mama Dukes, too.

What's your favorite True and Co. lingerie? The Entwined bra is one of the most deceivingly comfortable things I've ever put on my body. 

What's the last book you read? Sweetbitter, which I'm ashamed to admit was a summer read. I'm well overdue for a good read! Now taking recommendations...

What part of your body do you love the most? I've always been a big fan of my boobs!  

What's your favorite thing about yourself? I'm a bit of a people protector-if I love you I'll have your back, always. Also I'm getting really into my eyebrows lately...haha.

What are you currently working on? A cafe/spa concept called "Chillhouse" opening early in 2017 in the Lower East Side of Manhattan! We'll be fusing a wellness cafe with non-invasive salon/spa services. Coffee/mani/massage, repeat. 

When are you the happiest? When I'm in bed with Adam and Rocky, buried under covers and watching Netflix.   Learn more about Cyndi here and make sure to check out her fabulous lifestyle site, Taste the Style. Curious about Chillhouse? Check for updates on their Instagram.

What's your favorite True and Co. lingerie? Share with us on Twitter @trueandco_us!

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