Get Intimate: Alyssa Redenti

In our last post we got intimate with Michaela d'Artois. This week we chat with Alyssa Redenti, a New York based model and True and Co. muse. 

What are you currently working on? I'm working on moving to Brooklyn! I spent some time focusing on myself in upstate NY after living in NYC for 3 years, and I'm so ready to get back into the action!

What's your dream superpower? My dream super power would be the ability to teleport, because I love to travel & it would be amazing to be anywhere I want within seconds! 

What scares you? That "This too shall pass- no feeling is final." I've been guilty of spending way too much time worrying and having anxiety about things that I cannot change, or things that I shouldn't allow to take up so much space in my head. Life is about living in the moment & enjoying as much of it as we possibly can. Occasionally I have to say that quote to myself to put things in perspective and remind myself that there's so much to be happy about.

Whats your favorite True and Co. lingerie? My favorite pieces from True and Co. are absolutely the lace bralettes. I'm a girly girl at heart and wearing them makes me feel pretty! Even if it's under my clothes!  

What's your secret obsession/guilty pleasure? Definitely playing the guitar! I love to practice and play any chance I get!

What's your favorite thing about yourself? I think my favorite thing about myself is my hair. It's given me such confidence, weather it's straight or curly, it's always been a conversation starter. 

When are you happiest?  I am the happiest on a Saturday morning cuddling with my boyfriend Gage and our big baby puppy Zoey, plus a cup of coffee! It doesn't get better then that.

What part of your body do you love the most? The part of my body that I love the most is..... Definitely the booty! I used to hate it, but how in the world could I hate a big butt!? 

What are your two favorite things in the world? Oh man! How can I narrow it down to two! Well honestly, my amazing family who has supported me and stood behind me, even when I was unsure of myself and what I was doing & my boyfriends cooking. I'm a major foodie, but I'm allergic to dairy. He's makes me amazing foods that I can actually eat and are healthy. To learn more about Alyssa check out her Instagram.

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