Four BBB's Share Their Favorite Bras

Bras designed for our big breasted babes; made to fit perfectly under button-downs or t-shirts, lets you feel comfortable and supported all day, and most importantly makes you feel pretty! Meet Made of Stars, Alice+, Gramercy+ and Uniform Full Coverage. We’re equal opportunity boob-lovers here at True. Big, small, full, shallow — we love the process of designing bras that help all breasts shine. Meaning we approach designing bras for our BBBs — big-breasted babes — with the same love that goes into all of our lingerie. But we’ll be honest… there’s maybe a bit more TLC that goes into these babies. Why? For starters, many of us at Team True&Co. are BBBs ourselves (your faithful correspondent included. 32DD, what up!). So we know the joys and yes, hardships, of having racks that require a little more maintenance. In bra world, we take a few things into account. One, our BBBs tend to need more support. Two, BBBs want bras that fit under clothes. Three, BBB ≠ bulky seams and heavy padding. Just because we’ve got big boobs doesn’t mean we want a bra that feels overly complicated. Most of all: we want variety. A bra that’s perfect under t-shirts and sweaters; a bra that fits perfectly under button-down shirts; a bra that’s pretty and sexy but almost addictively wearable; and a bra that’s so unbelievably comfortable, you’ll wear it through the weekend and back to work on Monday. Spoiler alert: we’ve got ‘em all. Here are our top 4 picks for a core BBB bra wardrobe: Made of Stars. A must-have for button-downs; looks fantastic under sweaters and tees, too. Unlined with a slight plunge silhouette; Made of Stars is all about showing off your sexy natural shape.


“Trying to find a perfect or even mediocre, bra without padding is extremely frustrating. Made of Stars Unlined bra is absolutely PERFECT, comfy, fits perfectly and my breasts look amazingly natural, only better.” Lori, 34DD

Alice+. The most comfortable bra, ever. Soft jersey fabric, classy mesh details and enough support for yoga or a hike (or weekend lounging!).


“LOVE! I'm a 38DD, so I'm obviously skeptical that a bra like this could do the trick. But I was also sick of getting dents in my shoulders from hardcore underwire bras. This does a really nice job of redistributing the weight so you don't feel it — without giving you that weird uni-boob look. Soft, light, and comfortable, and I can even wear it out in public!”  Emma, 38DD

Gramercy+. A classic balconette shape plus super soft lace equals the prettiest bra you never want to take off. This bra gives you just the right amount of lift, without being a pushup. 

“This is a very pretty, unlined bra with no padding; which I normally wouldn't try, since I've always found these types of bras don't provide enough support for me. Gramercy +, however, is different. The cups are soft, lacy AND surprisingly supportive. This bra is comfortable enough for everyday wear...and you'll still feel absolutely beautiful in it!” Belinda, 36C

Uniform Full-Coverage. Smooths, shapes, and looks amazing under t-shirts and everything else. Perks include memory foam cups and, oh yeah, way less back bulge. 

This bra is my new favorite! The aesthetic is very classy but casual enough that it works as an ‘everyday’ bra. The bra is so comfortable that I forget I'm wearing one! I love the full coverage and that it’s super smooth — definitely conceals everything under plain tops.” Gabriela, 36D

So, BBB's take your pick -  Made of Stars, Alice+, Gramercy+ and Uniform Full Coverage. We know one, if not all (!) will make your boobs happy.

With love,

The Girls at True&Co. 

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