Founder Michelle Lam and Stella & Dot’s Ladies Who Launch

  Part of what makes True&Co. standout is our commitment to promoting and supporting female leadership. From our #thefutureisfemale Scholarship to our commitment to creating bras that make women look and feel amazing, we are all about the girl power around these parts. Much of this stems from our visionary, trailblazing founder, Michelle Lam. Michelle was inspired to start True following a traumatic bra shopping experience — she realized that the bra industry was broken, and that it was a dire need of a makeover.

Recently, Michelle stopped by Stella & Dot, another female-led company committed to empowering women, to participate in their Ladies Who Launch series (which showcases notable female founders). She shared the story of how she founded True&Co., her background in venture capital, and how she navigates the ins and outs of work-life balance. Here’s a taste of some words of serious inspiration from Michelle:

It was so powerful watching women’s eyes light up as they tried on bras that fit them in great lighting and in the comfort of a home. I could feel confidence flowing into them – a women’s eyes lighting up became my criteria for success.”

Read the full interview with Michelle here. And be sure to check out her top picks for Valentine’s Day bras at the bottom!