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In from the True and Co Fit Therapist, a lil help for for when the sizing doesn't feel quite perfect...

Her Question: I LOVE the style of the bras I ordered but they don't fit quite right. They all seem a little small. It's hard to figure out where the fit is off - I am definitely a little too full for the cup size and the back also seems just a little tight, but maybe that is just the cup being off? Whats the best way to figure out how to resize? 

Our Answer: Here are the main things to look for with fit:

1) The band should be snug on the loosest hook, but not painful after wearing around the house for a few hours. You should be able to fit a couple of fingers width between your body and the band. Over time, the band will stretch - up to a few inches - with regular wear and wash. This is why you fit to the loosest hook, so you can gradually tighten the hook as it stretches out.

2) Once you have all your breast tissue "scooped" into the cup, the front/center gore should sit flat against your body. With fuller cup shapes, sometimes a bra will lean away from the body a little - this is okay! As long as it isn't significant. If the gore doesn't sit near the body, you'll want to increase the cup size.

3) If your band size isn't quite right, remember that cup sizes change along with the band size. For example, if your 34DD is too tight in the band, but the cups are okay, go ahead and try 36D for a looser band and the same cup volume.  

Now, go forth and make your boobs happy.  

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