Fall Happiness Hacks

With every new season, comes a chance to hit ‘reset’ on your habits and your happiness. Whether it’s setting your alarm to get up earlier, committing to eating healthier, or swapping out your old, worn-out bras for more supportive (not to mention cute) upgrades. Fall is a perfect chance to give your happiness a boost.

Take 10. Most of us can easily waste 10 minute scrolling through social media. But what about taking that same 10 minutes and doing something better with it? Tackle the stack of laundry that needs folding, calm your mind and meditate or do a quick circuit workout to get the blood pumping. That Facebook feed can wait.

Get a Lift. If you spent the summer avoiding the fact that your lingerie drawer needs an upgrade, now is the time. Consult our genius Fit Quiz to see where to start. And if you’re in the market for a new bra that offers standout support with up to an extra inch of lift (and honestly, who isn’t looking for that?) we recommend our True Body Lift Scoop Neck Bra. All the benefits of our best-selling True Body styles with a little extra perk.

Better You. Even as modern day boss-babes, so many of us put everyone else first. Partners, kids, friends. We get it. But when you allow time for yourself you have even more to offer those around you. That may mean taking a long uninterrupted bubble bath, carving out time to cook healthy meals or treating yourself to new lingerie... just because. Whatever a ‘better you’ looks like, we think you deserve it. Happy boobs, happy life.

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