The Importance of Feeling Fabulous and Fitted

You know that feeling that you get when you feel totally comfortable and confident in your own skin? Sometimes, it’s enough for us to feel like we can rule the world. Or, at least get our lives under control for a day, which is an accomplishment. That can happen thanks to that perfect outfit, that fits us well, hugs all the right places, and flatters our unique shape. And our bras and lingerie are no exception to this fit rule. In fact, they’re even more important. Intimates aren’t given the name for no reason; they are the closest to our skin as clothing can get. We believe every woman should own bras and underwear that make her feel amazing (every damn day!), and that’s why we’ve designed pieces for every area in your life. Nothing should get in your way in your world-ruling… especially slipping bra straps or constricting wires.  

From Day to Night: Keep it Seamless

We use the word seamless two ways.  1. When we’re talking about something made without the use of seams. 2. When we’re descriving something that is easily and effortlessly accomplished. Our seamless True Body  bras (which have sold out *seven* times!!) deliver all the comfort you need during the day, without bulky construction to get in the way of your nighttime plans. Underwire bras get uncomfortable when you’re wearing them for hours a day, and sports bras tend to flatten, not flatter (especially under professional apparel or fun, going-out clothes). True Body changes that, with seamless, wireless V Neck and Scoop Neck bras and panties that are light enough to practically disappear under clothes. When you want to spice things up, we love lacey bras and panties. But sexy lace is no reason to sacrifice comfort. Our . This summer, we think our Seaside Unlined Longline balconette is made with buttery-soft fabric that doesn’t take away from it’s gorgeous details and retro silhouette. Try it  in blush to show off that summer tan. Speaking of, our silky-light bodysuits are basically made for warm weather… and are comfortable enough to wear all day.  

The Fit Quiz: Find Your Perfect Fit

Style counts, but finding the best bra starts with finding bras that actually fit. We’ve revolutionized the bra fitting experience with our Fit Quiz — in addition to saving you from the trauma of department store fitting rooms (good riddance!), we’re also going way beyond simple band and cup measurements. We take into account your breast shape, your most common bra fit issues, and the kinds of bras you actually want and need. What’s more, we’re using breast data points from five million-plus women to actually design better bras. And you should never wear, or keep, a bra you don’t absolutely love. Our returns are free and easy, so you can always make sure you’re wearing the best bra for your shape and size. We want you to love your bras from True, because we believe that you deserve to feel comfortable and confident in your skin, every single day.  

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