Dirty Laundry

 You’ve found your perfect fit. You’ve added to cart. You’ve made space in your top drawer. Now you have to try and make them last.    

They’re called delicates for a reason, but with the proper care you can significantly extend the lifespan of your bras. If at all possible, save yourself a trip to the laundromat and hand wash your bras in cool water with a gentle soap. Warm water will weaken the elastic and regular detergent is harsh against delicate fabrics, meaning a weaker and less supportive bra over time.

 If you’re a #girlboss that can’t make the time for hand washing - go with the next best thing. Safely zip bras and other intimates into a lingerie bag and use a gentle cycle, making sure to clasp your bra before washing to avoid snags. And - we can’t stress this one enough - avoid the dryer. Simply press excess water out of bras with a towel (especially any with extra padding) and then hang to dry or lie flat with cups facing up. Once completely dry, stack your bras in a drawer to help retain their shape. Wear, love, wash, repeat.

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