Deskside Diaries: How To Get Through Your Busiest Days

When we were kids, summer meant three long months of endless fun in the sun. But conquering your work week this season.

One of the keys to conquering your day is feeling energized. If your job involves long days sitting behind a desk, don’t forget to get up and move throughout the day. Just a short walk to the water cooler can be enough to jumpstart your energy levels again. Use your lunch break to take a stroll around the block, do a few quick stretches or even yoga poses at your desk (

Another crucial factor when tackling that to-do list is feeling comfortable and confident. There’s nothing worse that fussing with a slipping bra strap or dealing with the pain of your underwire digging in all day. We’ve got an entire collection of bras designed to help you

Here’s to taking on Monday-Friday like a total #bossbabe and arriving at the weekend in style.

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