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We adore hearing from the women in our community, it truly helps us make a better bra and understand what is matters most to our customers. This recent email from Rusilah was so inspiring for us all at True&Co. HQ!!

"To the Girls at TrueandCo.! Thank you so much for enriching my life with TrueandCo.  I made an account and took the quiz. And holy moly, the questions were SO revealing! It was actually a much needed wake up call. I’ve came to the conclusion that I have been torturing my body in ill-fitting stuff and need to put in the effort to get it done right. Don’t want to go full VH1-Behind-The-Story on you, but here are some quick facts about my relationship with ‘the bra’:

  • I’m 28 year old female with constantly changing breasts – via weight fluctuations and birth control hormones.

  • I own about 8 bras, 6 sport bras, and 2 bralettes – still not brave enough to wear bralettes yet so they’re nesting in the closet.

  • Grew up being told that $50 bras was foolish so went to Ross/Marshalls instead and bought the crappy $10 bra that would last 1.5 years. Two years if I’m super lazy about it.

  • Last time I bought a new bra was an H&M sport bra ($8 on sale). Prior to that shameful purchase, it has been 1 year.

  • Guilty confession: I just throw my bras with the mix laundry load – Delicate settings are foreign practice to me.

  • Current feelings on bras? I almost gave up on “looking cute” and just wore what was affordable and the most comfortable.

I took the plunge into ‘adulting’ and opted for True&Co’s best selling Gramercy Balconette Bra (lace detail below!) and the Bryant Bralette. I typically wear a push up bra so the Gramercy’s delicate double lining was a new experience, somehow it still made me feel comfortable, hugging the cup really well (no boob gaps, yay!) and the straps never fell down.    

The silky fabric of the Bryant Bralette makes me feel like I’m not wearing anything and is perfect for feeling pretty and lounging around at home. I paired both bras with the crowd pleasing Best Lace Thong.  You can’t go wrong with it! Just the right amount of cheeky and looks invisible under clothes.

What I’ve learnt since wearing True&Co. Bras? Investing in something that is well made and cut to fit properly is a life changing experience. Not only do my boobs look better, I FEEL better inside and out. Thank you! Rusilah xx"  

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