Our Favorite New Underwear Trend

Tired of thongs and g-strings? You're not alone. Look anywhere and you'll find women swapping their thongs for panties with more coverage. Don't get us wrong, there's a time and place for them, but sometime's a girl just wants comfortable, no-frills underwear. You know, regular panties for PMSing, relaxing, or just about anything. 

That's where our True Body Hipster comes in. This panty is made of buttery soft material in a classic hipster style that hugs your curves and disappears under your favorite pair of jeans. And if you love True Body but just aren't feeling the hipster? Our favorite, comfortable panty also is also available as a thong

Are you feeling the comfy underwear trend? Check out StyleCaster's article, In Defense of Comfortable, Regular Underwear here.

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