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We’re proud bra and breast experts here at True&Co., but we also know our butts and butt shapes! We already know our bodies are different and unique, and our butts are no exception. There are many different types of butts, and knowing which one yours is will make it easier for you to pick out the best underwear that’ll fit and flatter your butt shape. 

So, what’s behind your behind? Physical fitness and lifestyle aside, butt shapes are determined by a combination of things: the placement of your hip bones; fat distribution; the size of your gluteal muscles; and the way those muscles attach to the thigh bone. Not as cut-and-dry as one might think.

A sidenote on that, ladies: don’t worry about any cellulite, stretch marks, or jiggle in the butt and thigh areas you’ve tried but haven’t been able to get rid of. We’ve all been there and the truth is, these are all biological normalities! There’s no reason we should see our curves as “problem” or “trouble” areas so don’t!

Anyway, back to butt shapes. We’ll identify the five most common butt shapes to help you in your underwear search. We know five doesn’t sound like a lot, but keep in mind that there’s also a lot of overlap in characteristics between these butt shapes.

A-Shape Butt

"Pear-shaped" women who are curvier in the thigh area tend to have A-shaped butts that widen below the hip bones.

Best Underwear for A-Shaped Butts:

Since this butt shape tends to stem from fuller thighs, the most comfortable underwear styles for A-shaped butts are ones with high-cut legs and larger leg holes. Opt for high-cut panties, tangas, and bikinis. When you’re in the mood for boy shorts, go with ones made from stretchy lace or seamless, laser-cut edges which will be more comfortable for your shape.


Round Butt

Round butt shapes are pretty self-explanatory. Their shape is due to fat distribution around the cheeks of the butt – including the upper portion of the cheeks. Round butt shapes usually sit high when viewed from the side, and have a fuller look.

Best Underwear for Round Butts:

Round butt shapes need a little extra coverage in the back to prevent the front or crotch area shifting backward. The result: a wedgie either in the front or back (or even both!). Tangas, thongs, briefs and boy shorts are ideal for contouring round butt shapes and cheeks.


Heart Shape Butt

Heart-shaped, or upside down, butt shapes have more volume (fat distribution) in the lower part of the hip and thighs. 

Best Underwear for Heart Shaped Butts:

High-cut leg holes might not give enough coverage for butts that are fuller and sit lower, so go for briefs, boy shorts, hipsters, or bikinis with a lower-cut leg opening.


Square Butt

Got hip dips? You may have a square, or H-shaped, butt shape. This butt shape is due to higher, more prominent hip bones or a distribution of fat in the “love handle” area. The overall appearance of this butt shape is straight up-and-down right below your waist, rather than tapering to the waist with a smooth curve.

Best Underwear for Square Butts:

Styles that hit high on the thigh can ride up and cause wedgies for square-shaped butts. Boy shorts, bikinis, tangas, and thongs can be more comfortable and flattering, as long as they don’t have elastic-edged leg holes, which tend to have extra fabric that can cause bunching.


V-Shape Butt

V-shaped butts have an inverted appearance, where the base of the butt is less full than the top of the butt. Also, if the line between your pelvis and hips angles inward, your butt takes on a "V" shape from behind. This butt shape is common among women with broad shoulders and slender hips.

Best Underwear for V-Shaped Butts:

Briefs, boy shorts, hipsters, or bikinis that don’t have high-cut leg holes will provide enough coverage for your butt cheeks. Sagging is a common concern with V-shaped butts, so be sure the leg opening on your underwear cups the bottom of your cheeks for extra definition.


All butts and butt shapes are different, which is why we want to emphasize that this guide is by no means a strict rulebook for the types of underwear you should limit yourself to. But the more you know about different types of butt shapes, the better you can shop for yours. Wedgies, bunching, sagging, and any other issues you’ve had with ill-fitting underwear will be no more for real! Check out our entire underwear collection and see what we mean.

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