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    What are common types of bras?

    Some of the most common bra styles are wireless, t-shirt, sports bras and bralettes. Padding often varies among these styles, from unlined (no padding) to lightly lined and push-up, with some bras offering extra versatility with removable pads. True&Co’s focus on comfort, support and flexibility means we design bras that move with you throughout the day, in materials that feel like a second skin. Our most popular designs are wireless bras with removable pads, giving you the easy option to customize the silhouette to your comfort.

    What size bra should I wear?

    Bra sizes can be truly confusing. You’ve likely heard that many women are wearing the wrong one — that’s because even if they’ve been professionally measured at some point, lifestyle changes will often cause fluctuations in breast shape and fullness throughout the years. Instead of assuming yours has remained unchanged, take a few minutes to measure yourself (we’ve got you covered with a full guide and 3 easy steps ). Most True&Co bras come in simplified XS-3X sizing, so just use our simple chart to convert your band and cup measurements to the corresponding fit.

    What are our favorite bras?

    True&Co bras combine support with maximum comfort, for all shapes and sizes. That’s because our approach to design is based on the feedback and input we receive from real women that make up the True&Co community. We believe a bra should lift you up, quite literally, which is why we love the True Body Lift collection, a wide range of styles that offer up to one full inch of lift thanks to an innovative wire-free panel channel-set into the underband. Of course, which bra we reach for most often depends on our outfit (scoop or v-neck?), the temperature (lightweight mesh, anyone?) or the desire for a solid neutral tone versus a bold pattern. Even so, knowing that every True&Co bra is designed to deliver all-day comfort makes any choice the right one.

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