Bras for Post-Mastectomy

Dealing with breast cancer is a challenging, stressful time in a woman’s life.  No matter one's age or situation, if your treatment plan requires a mastectomy, it can be very difficult to lose a part of you.  Finding a bra that helps you look and feel your best is a good step in your healing journey.


What to Look for in a Post-Mastectomy Bra

We took an overall approach to recommendations in our Bras for Breast Cancer guide, so let’s look specifically at post-mastectomy needs and bra styles that can support you during this time.


Post-Surgery, You Will Be Given a Compression Binder to Wear

To help with swelling, you’ll want to wear the compression binder you are given at the hospital for as long as your doctor recommends, typically about a month after your surgery.


Comfort is Important

While you, of course, don’t need to necessarily wear a bra at all after a mastectomy (prior to reconstruction), if you do feel like you would like to, first and foremost, focus on comfort.  Especially during and just after the initial healing time, soft fabrics that breath are your best bet.


Wireless Bra to Avoid Pain

We love wireless design in general (many, if not most, of the True&Co collection is designed this way) as it delivers the ultimate in comfort, which is priority #1 when you’re recovering from a mastectomy.  Avoid any additional and completely unnecessary pain by eschewing wires and sticking with wirefree styles for at least a little while (trust us, you may just find you never go back, and that’s perfectly alright).


Clasp or Zipper for Easy On & Off

While many wirefree styles are designed to pull over for ease, you may have limited mobility after surgery. Many True&Co styles, including two of our post-mastectomy recommendations below, marry wirefree design with a traditional clasp to help make taking your bra on and off as easy and painfree as possible.


Most Comfortable True&Co. Bras for Post-Mastectomy

Post mastectomy, the importance of your comfort is at an all time high.  Physically, mentally, emotionally anything you can do to bring comfort in this trying time should take top priority.  At True&Co, we want to make you feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin, throughout any stage or journey in life. After all, it’s at the core of our reason for being - to help women of all shapes and sizes feel their best without worrying about their bra.


Lace Bralette

A favorite bralette, the Madison Lace Bralette, offers further versatility with straps that can be worn traditionally or crisscross/racerback.  In stretch lace and smoothing fabric, this style lays flush against your body while moving with you.  A double hook and eye closure with rose gold hardware makes this a pretty, yet practical option.

Lace Bralette


Scoop Neck Adjustable Strap Bra

We’ve long loved a scoop neck style for its sleek silhouette, perfect for a wide range of tops and dresses.  Topping off this variation on the classic are easy to conceal slim straps that are also adjustable.  When you are ready for a pull over again, this scoop not only feels effortless but looks invisible under clothes, a winning combination based on smoothing True Body fabric.  Softness that feels like a second skin with no bulky seams or elastic, available in a pretty palette of skin tone neutrals and light solids, make this style a wardrobe essential.

scoop neck adjustable strap bra

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