Bras for Breast Cancer

When going through breast cancer, you have more on your mind than your bra, but extra comfort is key to support you and the potential changes to your chest. Knowing what to look for in a supportive bra during and after this challenging time can be helpful as you embark on your journey to recovery.


Bras for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer may involve surgery to remove cells and masses, leaving you with swelling and discomfort.  It can take a while to feel 100% back to normal, the type of bra you may feel most comfortable in may change.  For this initial period, you’ll want to look for the following attributes of any style:

Wireless Bra to Avoid Pain

Underwire can be uncomfortable whether or not you’re dealing with breast changes so you may want to avoid it during this time period.


Cups That Fit the Larger Breast

If your cancer involves a lumpectomy (also called a partial mastectomy), you may be dealing with two different sized breasts post procedure. You may also be going through a single mastectomy plus reconstruction, causing two different sizes. Regardless of your situation, you’ll want to get measured and size your bras based on the larger breast. You may find full coverage bras are also helpful in securing the prosthesis in place and offer the most natural look.


Soft Adjustable Straps

The last thing you want to deal with during recovery from breast cancer surgery is bra straps that slip or dig in.  Choose styles with soft, adjustable straps to ensure you can achieve the proper fit (remember, each side may need to be adjusted to a different place on the slider, which is totally normal for all women).  Bra strap cushions are always an option but finding a bra that doesn’t require them to be added is preferable.


Get Resized

There are many factors that may change both your overall and breast specific shape and size during and after breast cancer treatment.  It’s always a good idea to get resized when you’re buying new bras, and especially in this case.  You can certainly handle taking your new measurements without visiting a bra retailer, as we describe in our How to Measure Bra Size guide.


Front or Back Closure for Easy On & Off 

Getting your bra on and off without having to stretch or pull in a variety of directions can be crucial during your healing.  For this reason, opt for front or back closure styles that minimize effort and don’t require you to lift your arms above your head.


True&Co Bras that Will Provide Comfort During Breast Surgery

True&Co bras are designed first and foremost for comfort, which we understand is even more crucial during breast surgery.  Whether your diagnosis requires a lumpectomy, mastectomy or reconstruction, the below styles will help support you in your recovery journey.


Bras for Lumpectomy

Made of super soft, stretchy and seamless material, our Lifting Seamless Wirefree Triangle Bra is designed for all day comfort.  For natural looking lift, strategically placed, fixed pads smooth and shape.  Adjustable straps and a double hook and eye back closure complete this style and make it well suited for lumpectomy recovery.

lifting seamless wirefree triangle bra


Bra for Mastectomy

Post mastectomy, comfort is crucial as your chest area begins to heal.  Our Wirefree Push Up Bra offers a wide bottom band ensuring it won’t dig in and a double hook and eye closure for a secure fit.  Stretchy material, slim straps that can be worn traditionally or racerback and some structure from a padded cup make this versatile bra a great go-to.

wirefree push up bra


Bra for Reconstruction

If you need a double mastectomy, there will likely be a period of time where you won’t need to wear a bra, but you certainly still can (and should, if it makes you feel more like yourself).  Our Lace Bralette is casual enough for everyday wear yet pretty and feminine with lace cup detail. In stretch lace and smoothing fabric, this style lays flush against your body while moving with you.  A double hook and eye closure with rose gold hardware makes this a pretty, yet practical option.

Lace Bralette

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