The Bra Freedom Manifesto

Happy Independence Day, babes! We hope your day is filled with sunshine and your night with fireworks. We’d like to take a moment to celebrate our freedom -- yours and ours -- from bras that don’t fit, fitting rooms that demoralize instead of inspire, and an outdated vision of lingerie. We deserve better than that! In that spirit, we’d like to present the True&Co. Bra Freedom Manifesto, celebrating our quest to make boobs happy…including yours.  

No. More. Fitting. Rooms. We said no to terrible fitting rooms from the start at True. Fluorescent lights, unflattering mirrors, and a stranger feeling you up -- no wonder bra shopping used to be a dreaded activity. Now, we have our data-driven Fit Quiz to help you find  your Top 3 Bras. Finding your favorite bras from the comfort of your couch? Yes, please.  

No More Bras That “Kind Of” Fit. What’s up with bras that are, supposedly, the “right” size, that don’t fit? One word: shape. Traditional bra manufacturers only use two measurements when making bras -- band and cup size. This doesn’t take into account the differing shapes of all of our breasts which, um, yeah, makes a big difference. We design our bras with feedback, advice, and a whole lot of data from more than 5 million women (including you!). When you tell us that a bra gapes, pinches, or rides up, we listen… and we make better bras for it. We make bras to really fit your body, not bras that you need to force yourself to fit into.  

No More Compromises. Why wear a push-up bra when you really love bralettes? Why wear bralettes when you crave structure? We make all kinds of bras for all kinds of women -- and all kinds of occasions. Whether you’re looking for a go-to, looks-good-under-everything t-shirt bra, a comfortable wirefree bra that feels like being naked, but better, or a show-stopping piece of lace lingerie, we’ve got you covered. There’s no one way to wear bras, and no right way. We design for all sizes, styles, and occasions. And we make sure that you feel as good as you look when you wear our bras.  

Say Yes! Yes to a 21st Century bra fitting experience (that’s not awful!). Yes to bras that are designed to fit you. Yes to bras that you love for work, the weekend, and everywhere in between. Yes to bras designed with feedback from more than 5 million women like you.   Celebrate your bra-centric freedom this Independence Day. And never settle for anything less than bras that make you feel amazing.  

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