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Find the Perfect Fit

Find the best fitting bra online. No measuring tape.

Bra Fitting
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Your Best Fit

Find the best fitting bra online. No measuring tape.

Frustrated with bra shopping?

Cold floors, bad lighting, strangers poking at you. It’s the inside of a fitting room but it can feel more like a doctor’s office! Buying bras is way more uncomfortable than it needs to be. We decided to reimagine bra shopping. Skip the fitting room and stop trying to calculate your bra size. Start shopping for beautiful bras and lingerie that just fits.

True&Co. Promises

No fitting rooms. No measuring tape.

Size is more than meets the eye

Sizing can vary widely across brands. The shape of your body also affects which bra style will work for you. We know which brands fit which body shapes since every bra we carry has passed our extensive fit and style testing. We’ll match you with the bras that will work for you, even if that means someone who normally wears a 36A might see some bras sized as a 34B in her shop. We’ve done the homework for you.

We’ve made bra shopping fun

When you take our fun online quiz, we match your answers with rules learned from expert bra fitters and our own database of over 2,000 body variations. We then create your very own personal bra shop. Why is it so personal? We only include the handpicked bra styles and sizes from our curated collection that fit your unique body.

“I found it difficult to find bras that were cute as well as comfortable. True&Co really helped me discover what bra would fit me best as well as look amazing on me! I LOVE THEM!! Total life savers!”

- Samantha T

Bra shopping has never been easier

- Get fitted in the comfort of your home

- Free shipping for orders over $75

- Free, no-hassle returns

Our commitment to you

We’re always learning more about you. Your feedback with every order helps us make your personal bra shop even better. Over time, we improve our recommendations to offer you the best fitting bras in your personal styles.

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