Bra Fit Tips From Our Fit Guru

  WWJDD? is a something of a mantra at True&Co. It means: “What would Julie Dean do?” That’s because Julie is our Fit Guru here at True&Co. She’s fit all of us (some of us, twice). She’s not afraid to tell us the hard truth about our bra sizes. We talk about “Julieisms” when it comes to fit… and we take them seriously. Girl, she’s seen a million boobs… and she’s rocked them all.   We stole a minute from our guru’s busy bra-filled day to get her top tips on making sure your bra fits you correctly.      

Playing With The Band  

“Band fit problems are the most common thing I see. Most women are wearing their bands too loose. And that leads to uneveness. It's simple physics; if you wear your band too loose, it will ride up in the back and your boobs will point to the ground like a see-saw. You need some element of snugness. But it shouldn’t be so tight that it hurts anywhere."  

Julieism: A too-loose band will lead to see-saw boobs.

Cup Half Full (Or Empty)

“You should really be in your cup. No spilling out, and no hollowness. If you see either one, you likely need a different size.”  

Julieism: Just say no to double-busting and gaping.

Demi vs. Full-Coverage  

“Some of those cup issues come from wearing the wrong bra for your shape and size. If you’re really petite, or young, you should be wearing a Demi cup. If you’re fuller-busted, a full coverage bra is going to hold you in better.”  

Julieism: Don’t be in denial about the bra you shuold be wearing.  

What About True Body?   “True Body is sized similarly to sports bras, but without the compression. It’s too small if it’s flattening you, at all — it should be the same amount of pressure as your skin layer.”  

Julieism: True Body should hold you, not flatten you.  

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